Průvodce členů


  • Members can find a list of ALL Locus members, their professions, and a variety of other information about them, including contact information, if the member chose to share it, here (only visible to Locus members),
  • Members who chose to share their profiles with the public can be found here,
  • Contact information for Locus managemenet, building management, and important service providers can be found on the red bulletin board inside the coworking space.

Locus Library

  1. All shelves with books without a member's name labeling the shelf can be borrowed by Locus members.
  2. Members AND non-members are free to browse or read any of these books while in Locus.
  3. Checking out books:
    • Only members can check out books.
    • Members should fill out the requested info on the "book checkout sheet" near the bookshelf, including their name, the name of the book being checked out, and the date of checkout. 
    • When the book is returned, enter the date returned where requested.
    • Please return books within a month of the date you borrowed them.

Member-owned books and media

  1. Books on shelves that do have a member's name on them belong to that member.
  2. You should not borrow those books unless you're received direct permission from that member. 
  3. If you would like your own bookshelf space, please let a manager know and we can probably find space for you (for free).


Most supplies can be found in the shelves under the "stage" across from the printers. We often have supplies that might not be visible (stamps, label printers, universal power adapters, etc.), so if you don't see what you're looking for, just ask a community manager. If you notice that we've run out of any supplies or if you have requests for certain supplies that we don't have, please let a Locus manager know.


Please clean up after yourself. A cleaner only comes a few days per week & it's a disservice to all members if people start leaving their messes for other people to clean up. Thanks!

Leaving your own food & drink in the space

    • Members are welcome to leave their own food or drink in the kitchen.
    • Use the masking tape and pens in the kitchens to mark your name and the date on your food. 
    • If you want to share it with members, write "FREE" instead of your name, along with the date. 
    • Unmarked or undated food will be thrown away.


Only Full Time or Fixed Desk Members with a six-month or longer commitment are eligible to put their memberships on hold.

It is possible to put your membership on hold for up to 1 year per long-term commitment

There is a 1 week (7 day) minimum per hold.

You need to let a Locus manager know when the hold period will start and end by at least the day before the hold period starts.

All membership invoices must be paid according to the original contract (so that a member with a six-month contract paid monthly must pay the first six invoices every month for the first six months). The days put on hold and any bonus membership days will be added to the end of the membership. There are no exceptions. 

Business addresses, mail receiving, lockers and any other Locus services that continue to be used during the membership-hold period will be invoiced on a prorated basis for the duration of the hold period.


Reserved use of the meeting rooms is NOT free. See the number of hours included in your membership here (or ask a community manager). For prices after that, see the meeting room page

All Locus members are encouraged to add Locus's meeting room calenards to their own Google Calendar so they can see when the meeting rooms are available and make reservations. Here's how. 



This form is for you to give ANONYMOUS feedback to Locus Workspace management. Your feedback is extremely helpful and important in making Locus the kind of work space that YOU WANT. Go to the form here.