Help Wanted: Community & Office Manager


Locus Workspace is a coworking space: a shared office, meeting, and event space for freelancers, remote workers, and other location-independent professionals who would rather work alongside others than alone. Locus is an exciting example of the future of work: a part of the sharing economy and a social enterprise that "flattens the world" by providing freelancers, digital nomads, and other location-independent professionals from around the world support that has traditionally been limited to employees in well-run organizations. Locus members work for themselves and where they want (in this case, in the center of beautiful Prague) without having to do it all on their own. Along with providing an inspiring and collaborative work environment, Locus organizes or hosts a number of events from board game nights, to Mastermind Groups, to weekly lunches and coffee breaks, to group pomodoro work sessions, to workshops, to hosting large groups of digital nomads. Locus is unique in both its international focus (the language of the space is English and members come from nearly 30 countries) and in its function as a Prague landing zone, allowing people new to the city to get started working productively and enjoyably immediately, whether they are relocating to Prague permanently or just stopping through on a longer journey around the globe.


Community managers at Locus Workspace have three main roles:

  1. Community Manager:

    • This is the most important role. You would be expected to help make members and potential members (a) feel at home, (b) make connections with other members with complementary interests or needs, and (c) have a productive work environment.

    • Along with the members of the space, you will be working closely with Erasmus+ interns who will help with all aspects of running the space, as well as work on graphic design, social media marketing, and other specialized tasks they have university training in.

  2. Office Manager:

    • Along with taking care of people at Locus, you will need to help take care of the physical environment where people work. How can the space be more user friendly? What would make it more beautiful or functional? Are office and meeting room supplies organized in a way that are easy for members to find? The relationship between Locus members and the environment where they are working is central to Locus’s value as a coworking space. As a community manager you will need to do your best to make sure the office environment creates a great experience for members.

    • You will also be involved in some of the more mundane and less rewarding aspects of managing the office: if the cleaning service providers aren’t doing their job, you’ll need to communicate with them about what’s going wrong and help make sure they do their job well. If something breaks or needs repairing, you will need to contact a service provider to arrange repairs or improvements. If we’re out of supplies, you’ll need to make orders or work with the interns to make sure they’re doing this. Things like making a visitor a cup of coffee, sweeping up a broken dish, receiving payments and checking up on members if their payments are past due, managing interns, and sometimes managing conflicts between members will sometimes be part of the job, and you should feel competent about learning and doing these tasks well along with the more social ones.

  3. Event Manager: Coworking spaces are different from traditional offices in that most of the members work on their own. They often miss the social aspect of traditional offices, as well as the professional development that comes with many company jobs. As such, an important aspect of helping to run the coworking space will be helping to manage events for members and potential members.


  • Friendly, kind, supportive, funny, self-confident, and socially intelligent. Far and away, the most important part of your job is helping members and potential members feel at home at Locus and helping them connect to one another. If you’re shy or otherwise uncomfortable around people you don’t already know, this isn’t the job for you. You should be great with people and love connecting them together.

  • Interested in a membership at a coworking space like Locus even if you weren’t applying for the job. There are several reasons:

    • We’re looking for community managers who understand and value the coworking concept and what it has to offer.

    • We want managers who can understand the expectations and desires of the members from their own perspective.

    • The main benefit of working at Locus besides the salary and the experience is that the job includes a full-time membership at Locus. We want our community manager to get value out of that membership and to experience Locus first hand from the member’s perspective.

  • Passionate about the idea of being a community manager, conscious of the challenges of location-independent work, and excited about the possibilities of the sharing economy and Locus Workspace to provide solutions to those challenges. Locus is a part of the rapidly evolving sharing economy, providing tools that enable people to do great things on their own by facilitating new forms of community. Passion about the possibilities and challenges of this new kind of work is a must for connecting to the community that drives Locus.

  • Outcome oriented and self-motivated. You should have a predisposition to care about the goal that motivates your work and wanting to achieve that goal well, rather than wanting a clear list of instructions that you’re meant to follow. Throughout your time at Locus you will have a great deal of independence and you’ll need to figure out how to creatively solve various problems for the good of the coworking space and its members. If you prefer to follow a given set of rules than to think for yourself, this won’t be the job for you.

  • Well-organized and detail oriented. While a big part of being a community manager is social, you’re also helping to keep the business running smoothly. We need to know we can rely on you to dot your “i”s and cross your “t”s.

  • Comfortable writing for business communication in Czech or English. You’ll be writing emails to members, potential members, service providers, and business partners, as well as writing posts for social media. It’s important that you can write well.

  • Aesthetic/design-minded. Having a knack for the aesthetic is important for creating an environment that helps new members feel comfortable and find what they need.

  • Computer ready. You must have your own laptop, be comfortable with social media, have experience using Microsoft Word & Excel along with the Google equivalents, and have a readiness to learn how to use new software.

  • Bilingual. The language of the space is English, but about 35% of Locus members are Czech or Slovak and nearly all of our communication with non-members is in Czech. It’s essential that you are conversational in both (a) English and (b) Czech or Slovak, and you should be a native-speaker, or close to native, in at least one of those languages.


  • Flexible working conditions:

    • No experience necessary as long as you fit the above description!

    • It’s possible to work half-time (20 hours a week) instead of full-time.

    • The job is open to non-Czechs as long as you speak Czech, Slovak, or English at a native level and are conversational in English and either Czech or Slovak.

    • As such, the job might be ideal for advanced students, for recent university graduates, for non-Czechs looking for meaningful work in Prague, for parents re-entering the job market after time away, or for a mid-career professional change to a job that has personal meaning.

  • Full-time membership in the coworking space.

  • The potential to earn shares in the business for the right candidate.

  • Engagement in a community of interesting people from around the world involved in various kinds of work who you may learn from, work with, and contribute to.

  • Involvement in an exciting sharing-economy and social business.

  • The opportunity to develop and learn along with the young business itself.

  • Experience in social media, event management, community building and community management,interior design toward optimizing work productivity and work culture, entrepreneurship, marketing, and almost any other aspect of helping to run a successful small business.

  • Lots of help from Erasmus+ interns and the company CEO!


Please submit the following by email to
  • A cover letter indicating BOTH why you’re a good fit for Locus Workspace (why should Locus want you as a community manager) AND why Locus is a good fit for you (why you’d like to work at Locus)

  • A current CV

  • Any additional questions or comments you have about the job

The cover letter and questions/comments can be included in the body of the email.